3 Tips For A Healthy Body

Everybody wants to live long, but nobody wants to grow old. Some effects involved in growing old are for example the shrinking of the muscles and that the bones will most likely become less dense. In some cases the decreasing density of the bones can eventually lead to osteoporosis. The shrinking of the muscles does also have some side effects on an otherwise healthy body. As the muscles begin to shrink, the metabolism slows down with the effect that the body is unable to burn as much calories as if it was young. So it will be harder and harder to retain the body you had – flat stomach, toned, muscular…

But there are some things you can do to keep up the metabolic rate and to keep the muscles or even gain muscles.

In the next paragraphs you will find three valuable tips to keep or gain muscles and so also to keep up the metabolic rate of your body to prevent some of the side effects of growing old as for example overweight.

1. Have a well rounded set of exercises

Your body needs a great variation of types of exercise. You need exercises that stretch and flex your body. Then you need exercises to strengthen your body and you need a set of cardio exercises as well. Your body has to be trained in as many diverse ways as possible to keep it young and healthy, to keep the metabolic rate high and to prevent your body from injuries that you may suffer from with a worn out body.

2. Mix up your workouts

Mix up your workout routine a bit. Don’t carry out the same exercises each day. If you ride a bike on one day, take a walk the other day or choose a workout session in the gym for example. Also don’t do the same exercise for one purpose. So if you do bench presses for your chest and shoulder in one session, do free weights or cattle bells in another session for the same purpose. Do the same for your cardio workout and your stretching sessions. The greater the variation, the better it is for the body. And also you don’t get bored working out. Another benefit of varying your exercise regimes is not to overwork a group of muscles.

3. Warm up and stretch for a healthy body

Warming up and stretching is something everybody should do before any kind of physical exercise or sport to prevent injuries. No matter what age you are, if you start your workout routine or any kind of sport it is absolutely vital to warm up and stretch the whole body and especially the muscles and joints involved in the exercises you plan to do. Failing to do so can cause severe injuries and the older you get the longer the healing process will be. And speaking about getting older, as you get older your muscles are not as elastic as they were at a younger age and you are more prone to such injuries. Therefore to retain and regain the elasticity of the muscles and joints warm up and stretch before any exercise. Also it is a good habit to do some stretching throughout the day.

These three tips are the basis of any attempt to get fit again and to maintain a healthy body and a good shape when you grow older.

What works for you? Let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

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