How to lose excess fat like the pros

You can combine cardiovascular exercise, weight training and consistent dieting to lose excess fat. Do you want to know how the professionals lose weight? They combine all three and they swear it works for them. Overweight people tend to shy away from weight training programs, but you should never underestimate the benefits of weight training.

So, how does weight training help you to get rid of fat? It speeds your metabolism and burns fat to increase muscle mass and create more lean muscle. Let’s look at the other benefits of weight training. Not only will you lose excess fat but your skin will look toned and taut. Weight training strengthens your bones and immune system, lowers the blood pressure, increases flexibility and improves agility to give you a great and energetic outlook on life. Some people with a lot of body fat find it hard to lose the extra weight; they have been unsuccessful in losing fat and find dieting tedious. People who fall into this group should consider trying a program that combines cardiovascular activity, weight training and dieting.

Are you already very muscular but need to lose excess weight? Try a combination program, a fat loss program that incorporates weight training and cardiovascular activity, diet slowly to maintain muscle and get ripped.

You should always lose weight slowly to maintain muscle whilst losing fat. Low calorie diets are fine, but your body needs fuel. A body that can’t refuel on excess fat it will feed on muscle tissue instead. Don’t aim too high. Try to lose between one and one and a half pounds a week. Obese people should aim to lose around one percent of their body fat weekly. Lose more weight than advised and you lose muscle too.

In general, men tend to lose excess fat faster than women, but overweight women shouldn’t lose heart. Men don’t give birth, whereas women must store fat to carry them through pregnancy and beyond. You will notice you are losing weight, but invariably, the most recent fat stored is the first to come off, whereas fat you have always struggled to lose is much harder to shed. The human body and body fat levels remain a mystery to many. Why should recently gained fat be easier to lose than fat we have stored for a long time?

Fat tends to gather in the same areas. Men usually find they gain excess weight around the waist, lower back and belly, whereas women gather fat on their buttocks and upper thighs. Fat gathered in these regions is notoriously difficult to shed. Have we any idea why? Yes. Fat that flows into the bloodstream is used to fuel our body; hence it is easier to lose. On the other hand, fat that gathers in areas where the blood doesn’t circulate freely is much harder to lose. This is the reason why many use thermogenic supplements. These supplements increase blood circulation to mobilize stubborn fat and to help you lose excess fat.

Lose Excess Fat – Spot Reducing Doesn’t Work

It’s impossible to pick and choose where you would like to lose excess fat. Neither can you exercise one part of the body and expect the fat to melt away. The human body is complex, you can’t exercise or diet and expect to lose fat in one region. Lowering your total body fat levels is the only way to lose weight in targeted areas.

Follow a weight training program whilst you are dieting to see vast changes within three months. In fact, the changes will be dramatic. You will lose weight from every part of your body and experience physiological and psychological changes.

Let’s chat about the changes you will notice. In the first instance you will lose excess fat. This will lead to an increased sense of well-being, increased muscle mass, an increased metabolism, and an increase in good cholesterol, a decrease in bad cholesterol, more energy and a decreased risk of heart disease. More importantly, you will sleep well and feel more confident.

A Successful Fat Loss Program should include the following:

  • Weight training
  • A calorie controlled diet. Your total daily calorie intake should be no more than 15 times and no less than 12 times your lean body weight
  • Thirty five to forty minutes of regular cardiovascular activity three to four times a week. Some enjoy a rigorous workout, others prefer a moderate pace.
  • You must eat sufficient dietary fat. Include plenty of Omega-3 and Omega-6 (Essential fatty acids)
  • Dietary supplements are important. To lose excess fat, you must supplement your diet with amino acids, minerals and vitamins. At the very least you should take a good multi vitamin, vitamin C and L-glutamine

You should keep track of your progress. Don’t stand on the scales and hope for the best or parade in front of the mirror and decide your excess weight has disappeared. Monitor your progress to make sure your diet program is effective. You will lose excess weight if you have combined diet with exercise as recommended. However, always remember a sustainable diet and exercise plan is one that fits in with your schedule and lifestyle.

Look around and you see hundreds of workouts and fat loss diets. Do they all work? As mentioned earlier, sensible and sustainable diets work, but you must find a weight loss plan that works for you. There are many effective diets to choose from, but you must be determined to stick to the plan to lose excess fat like the professionals and celebrities.

So, are you missing something from your efforts to lose excess fat? Give these methods a try and see great results like the professionals.

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