Overweight, Metabolism and what to do about

There are many reasons for going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Many want to look sexier, have a more muscular or toned physique, many want to live more healthy or gain more energy for their day to day live. But by far the most people want to loose weight as overweight or obesity is extremely widespread in the western world. Many gyms offer special courses for weight loss and many personal trainers have specialized in the field of weight loss.

In this article we will look at a very special topic concerning weight loss. It is a topic seldom touched  in the weight loss industry and by weight loss experts. The industry emphasizes diets, physical exercise and weight loss drugs and supplements. In this article we will talk about a commonly neglected  but very important subject and touch some false ideas widespread in the industry.

Metabolism and Overweight

The first thing to touch is the metabolism. If you are overweight and think about weight loss, you may have already wondered, why some can eat as there’s no tomorrow and you gain weight just by looking at a cookbook. Chances are that you have quite a slow metabolism.

What does having a slow metabolism mean? This means that if you eat as much as someone with a good metabolism, you will gain more weight as the other person, because a slow metabolism burns calories much slower.

Metabolism is the way some organs and glands transform the food into energy for the body. Will the energy be stored into fat or will it immediately be available as fuel for the muscles and cells of the body? This in general is the difference between a slow and a good or fast metabolism. Involved in this mechanism is the stomach, the small and the large intestines and the colon as well as the pancreas and the thyroid and other organs and glands.

If some of these organs and glands don’t work properly you may end up with a slow metabolism. In fact it is sufficient that just one is out of balance. There are many reasons for this, but besides diseases, drugs or an accident it is almost always a not so healthy way of live.

Habits of Overweight People

Of course a slow metabolism is not the only reason for being overweight. If you look at people who are overweight or obese, you will notice that in most cases they have a large appetite, they eat huge portions and they eat when they are not hungry. Also, overweight people have a tendency to choose so called diet food. Diet food is not really helpful with weight loss as one would expect. Overweight people tend to have the habit to eat a short time before they go to bed. This all sums up for many people to be overweight. But there is one thing, that really is the crucial point with the whole topic of being overweight: Overweight people in general see themselves as being overweight.

If you read a good book about weight loss or about diets, or – even better – if you leaf through the articles on this website and consider some of our recommendations, you will definitely know enough about a healthy lifestyle to transform your life and your body to your liking. At least you will know enough to avoid these basic mistakes outlined above.

You will know enough to know what to do – what actions to take. But the underlying problem can not be solved with any physical actions you may come across. It is about how you feel about yourself and how you see your body when you close your eyes.

What to Do and What to Think

You may know ‘Think And Grow Rich’ or ‘The Law of Attraction’ and similar books and systems. In essence they all say that you become what you think to become and this is very true. Now many studies have shown that overweight people don’t think in a positive way about their weight. They constantly have negative thoughts about their weight and therefore they stand in their own light in their effort to lose weight.

Now, how do you think in a positive way about your weight when you are massively overweight? Many people struggle with this task even if they knew they should. But it is quite easy. For the following exercise ban every negative feeling and every negative word. Yet, don’t even think about loosing weight. Your subconscious mind will interpret this to be something unwanted. Really, who wants to loose something. Here, loosing weight would be something you want. But the subconscious mind is not very good at making a difference here. It always uses the most general or most often used meaning of a phrase. So be careful.

The Exercise

Now here is the exercise. You should do this in the morning right after waking up while still in your bed and in the evening before you fell asleep. Do this for at least 30 days to reprogram your subconscious mind. Imagine yourself as you are now. See yourself with a nice friendly smile on your face – no bad feelings about your look. Then imagine a good looking, muscular, tight and sexy body and put your head on the shoulders of this body. Adapt the look of your face a bit to this new body and let your old body disappear. Admire your new look and say to yourself: I’m on the right way to get the sexy body I ever wanted. You can alter this to your liking but keep in mind: no bad feelings, no negative words.


This is by far the most important exercise in your effort to loose weight. Do this exercise for at least 30 days and to be overweight will soon be a thing of your past.

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