Top 5 Diets to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss is a journey that more people seem to embark on nowadays. Studies show that 88% of food related illnesses and deaths are preventable by simply switching our diets to healthy meals. Not only will this rule out life-altering diseases such as heart attacks, obesity, and stroke, it helps us achieve a lean and fit physique. If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, it is advisable to follow one of the many proven diets in the market. For success to be achieved, dedication and consistency are key. Here are the top 5 recommended diets  to help you lose weight fast:

5 Diets to Help You Lose Weight Fast

1. Weight Watchers Diet

If followed correctly to the letter, you stand to lose up to 2 pounds each week. It is a diet that enables you to lose weight the healthy way hence reducing chances of side effects. It teaches more about living healthier lifestyles and eating healthier food than it does counting calories. A lobster bisque soup and a chicken salad both contain 380 calories but the salad is a better choice given its nutritional value. It uses a PointPlus program whereby every food and drink is awarded points according to its nutritional benefits. If it contains high amounts of saturated fats and sugar, it is awarded high points. The higher the protein value, the lower the marks. In this diet, you will learn to make smart food choices. You will get to understand how foods that keep you fuller for longer cost less than their counterparts. Foods that are nutrients dense cost less than those that contain empty calories.


2. HMR (Health Management Resources) Program

This diet uses a meal replacement plan to keep the weight off and promote a healthier lifestyle. It advocates for fruits and vegetables, healthier lifestyle strategies, physical activity and of course, personal accountability. The HMR diet follows a theory that states that meal replacement is an effective way of shedding and keeping off unwanted weight compared to traditional diets. The meal replacements discussed in this case include: nutrition bars, low calorie shakes, multi-grain hot cereal, and low-calorie meals. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain fewer calories and at the same time are rich in fiber which keeps you feeling satisfied for longer without overloading on calories. These effectively replace other meals hence keeping the calorie count low without leaving you starved. This paired up with physical exercises every day will facilitate noticeable results of weight loss. It doesn’t have to be a vigorous exercise in this case. A 10-20 minute walk is enough.


3. Jenny Craig Diet

Fat loss is all about keeping the calories low while at the same time eliminating pangs of hunger. This is a meal plan that features pre-packaged meals and recipes. These are especially geared towards achieving the targeted results by eliminating guesswork. The leading contributor to failed diets is guess work and ill-informed supplementation whereby people replace certain ingredients with what they feel is best. Besides this, it advocates for healthy lifestyle changes and physical exercise.

The Jenny Craig diet features a team of personal consultants who follow through with its members right from the start to offer support and motivation. They will guide you on how much you should be eating, examples of balanced meals and how to incorporate the lessons into your lifestyle once you graduate from the program. With this assistance this is one of the diets to help you lose weight fast.


4. Biggest Loser Diet

This diet is trusted to help you lose weight and prevent or even reverse disease. Its theory is that we tend to eat too much of the wrong foods and hardly enough of the right ones while sitting around more than we should. This combination is an instant recipe for obesity.

The Biggest Loser is a 6-week diet which if paired up with physical exercise, can help you lose weight while preventing illnesses and/or reverse health disorders. In this case, it is said to reverse diabetes in addition to boosting your immune system, improving heart health and lowering the risk of dementia, Alzheimer disease, and cancer. It teaches on how to cut back on calories and engage in exercise for an effective way to melt the fat off. You will learn how to control your food portions, journal your food intake and get into physical exercise to increases the chances of success.


5. Volumetrics Diet

This diet was created by a nutritional professor at Penn University. It focuses more on healthy eating than it does dieting and cutting down on food portions. It teaches its followers on how to prioritize and identify low density foods which contain fewer calories yet remain high in volume, for instance, carrots. Such foods enable you to feel fuller for longer without piling on the calories. The Volumetrics Diet is one of the cheapest diets compared to the rest as you do not have to purchase a book, program or recipe. It is also the easiest to follow since you will not feel starved or experience frequent hunger pangs. The lessons taught in this diet will enable you to maintain a healthy life long term. It is important to point out that it is easy to stray from this diet seeing that it offers more freedom than the others. It, therefore, calls for devotion consistency and self discipline if results are to be achieved.

The theory behind this diet is that people tend to eat the same amount to food, in terms of weight and amount, each day. This explains why following a diet that forces you to eat a lot less than you’re used to are impossible to stick to. In this case, it is best that you opt for low energy density foods. These are foods that contain fewer calories even in large portions. Foods that are low in density yet high in volume allow you to eat your normal food portion sizes while keeping the calories low at the same time. Fruits and vegetables are a perfect example in this case. Volumetrics is all about getting more out of what you eat and by chosing the right foods it is one of the diets to help you lose weight fast.


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