Why Crash Diets For Weight Loss Do Not Work

When people get in the mindset that they want to lose weight, they usually want it fast! Many can often go to extreme measures to get there. This usually consists of trying crazy crash diets for weight loss, whether this be cutting their calories way less than they should or eating only one type of food. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular extreme eating plans out there and why crash diets are definitely not a good idea.

Some popular crash diets for weight loss

The cabbage soup diet:  It is said that you can lose 10 pounds during 1 week of the cabbage soup diet but many people try this plan for much longer than that. It basically consists of eating mainly cabbage soup every single day. There are some other foods that are allowed in this crash diet however, including raw vegetables and baked potatoes. In general though, this diet is pretty restrictive but many people attempt it when trying a crash diet for weight loss.

The 500 calorie diet: You can eat whatever you want on this plan but you cannot exceed 500 calories a day. Obviously this is much less than what you should be eating and you can guarantee if you do it for more than a few days, your mood and health will suffer in a big way.

The master cleanse: Many celebrities have hailed this diet including Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce but it’s probably the most extreme of the ones that have been mentioned. It is an all liquid diet and you will mainly be drinking a lemonade type beverage of a daily basis. It is supposed to cleanse the system in addition to other benefits but I don’t see it doing more than making you pretty hungry!

Why crash diets are not a good idea

  • Think about when you eat less than usual, maybe skip a meal by accident because you are so busy… how does this generally affect your mood? Most people feel miserable! You are eating less than you are suppose to in order to live a healthy and happy life. You get moody and generally turn into not a very nice person. Crash dieting in the long term will do this to you. In addition to being “hangry”, you are going to have no energy to do anything. If you are planning on exercising during this diet, think again – you are unlikely to have enough energy to even clean the house! Is it really worth all this misery just to lose weight at a faster pace? I don’t think so but obviously that is your call to make.
  • They mess up your metabolism, which in the long run will make you gain weight rather than lose it. When you dangerously restrict your calories, your body will feel like it’s starving (which it is.) So it will conserve as much energy as possible by slowing down your metabolism. When you go back to normal eating, which you will eventually need to do, your body will still be burning less calories and this will result in rapid weight gain. So Yes while you might see results for a few weeks, thinking months or even years ahead from now – your crash dieting could mess up your whole body and make you gain over more weight than you could have imagined.
  • Crash diets are very obsessive and they could result in you developing an eating disorder further down the line. When you are controlling everything you put into your body and see a difference in terms of weight loss, you are going to want to go even further. Anorexia or even bulimia could be on the horizon for you, if you go too far with this. A crash diet for weight loss might not sound like a big deal but it could seriously damage your mental state and have dire consequences.
  • Many extreme diets involve you cutting out certain food groups altogether especially fats. While some fats are bad for you, some are essential to your mental and physical well being. In addition to good fats, there are many others vitamins and nutrients you are likely to be missing out on. All in all a crash diet for weight loss is generally a bad idea simply because it isn’t healthy!

The best way to lose weight

You’ve probably heard it a million times before but the best way to lose weight is really through exercise and slight calorie restriction. You can work out your basic metabolic rate online and providing that you eat slightly less than this, you will lose weight at a slow but steady pace. Eating the right kinds of food like fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber will mean that you have the energy to work out and you will also feel fuller for longer. It will also mean that you will be in a better place mentally and generally feel healthier.

Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water during your diet, H20 has many benefits that will help you with your weight loss. When you change your lifestyle, you are much more likely to see long lasting results than if you was doing something that was not maintainable! Remember that it isn’t a race and do not be too hard on yourself. Everyone deserves a little treat from time to time and depriving yourself of the foods you love is not a good idea.


After all the information given in this article, it’s clear to see that doing a crash diet for weight loss is not a good idea. While you might drop pounds initially, you will not be able to keep this up in the long term and you are also damaging your health. Unfortunately there are no “quick fixes” in terms of losing weight. A combination of exercise and healthy eating is required if you want to get to your goal. Achieving your dream body the HEALTHY way means that you will be able to maintain this and you will also be happier in your day to day life.

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